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Phil Salmon
Commercial Director


A Personal Perspective

“In this vastly oversupplied market, where competition is particularly strong, I felt that if we were to succeed, we had to be better than average. Average was simply not acceptable."

I have been in the flexible packaging market for some thirty years now, and have worked both in multi-national and smaller, more dynamic companies. Consistently, I have recognised that in-depth customer care is, without question, the single most important factor in achieving success.

In 1994, tired of having to compromise upon my beliefs, I established Dunbar Packaging Ltd. Our avowed intention was to offer service and quality levels beyond the standards of our competition. We decided to form a core team of like-minded individuals, who shared our ethos and passion for this vibrant industry.

This attitude was to cover each area, including sales, production, despatch, administration and accounts. As a result we now run a business which reflects these beliefs and is growing rapidly, due to team effort and commitment. We are all passionate about what we do.

Collectively, we have over 100 years combined experience in flexible packaging sales, and we now supply and support many major international companies.

Our markets include: Mail Order, Office Supplies, Fresh Produce, Frozen Foods and Building Materials.

This is a brief snapshot of Dunbar Packaging Ltd.
Whilst being far from perfect, we have tried to set new standards of performance within our market, and we ask only for the opportunity of being able to welcome you as a customer. Every conceivable effort will be made to ensure that you are totally happy with what we do. We will never forget that we have to earn the right to achieve your business.

We do some rather unusual things here :

We will ring back when we say we will.
There is always someone available to talk to, twenty-four hours a day.
We will make every effort to deliver on time, every time.
We care passionately about quality, and go to extreme lengths to achieve
consistent performance in everything we do.
We will give you the good, and not so good news, without delay or hesitation.
Human beings with personalities answer your phone calls - not machines.
We say "Thank you" and "Sorry".
We pass on messages and talk to each other.
If a task is impossible, we will tell you.
We care about our mutual well-being and that of our customer, however large or small.
We eat, sleep and drink our business.

If you wish to speak to me about any aspect of Dunbar Packaging Ltd., or tell me what we could do better, then please do not hesitate to contact me personally on either

01663 733700 or 07786554293, Alternatively you can contact me by email: