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Design & Repro

Family owned business for all your packaging needs, despatch sacks, pallet wrap, garment bags, corrugated etc.Any type of bespoke packaging can be sourced worldwide.

At Dunbar we understand the importance of working with specialist professionals. When it comes to graphic design, we work with the best.

Liquidigloo's creative team has the ability to bring your packaging to life. Working closely with Liquidigloo Limited, Dunbar has opened a new creative window into product design.

Founded in 2005 Liquidigloo is the modern face of conceptual thinking in the world of graphic design and web creation. With over 25 years experience in advertising and design our creativity has played a major part in the direction of today's design environment.

Through Dunbar, Liquidigloo can apply the same ground-breaking, innovative design skills to your packaging. 21st century creativity that makes your product stand out from the rest. With a strong history in packaging design, Liquidigloo and Dunbar are confident that they can enhance your products packaging and increase awareness of both your product and your company.

If you are interested in having your packaging redesigned or just updated, Visit us at: www.liquidigloo.com



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