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Cremation films, coffin liners
Family owned business for all your packaging needs, despatch sacks, pallet wrap, garment bags, corrugated etc.Any type of bespoke packaging can be sourced worldwide.  


In partnership with Kraig Mycock MBIE, proprietor of Cheshire Embalming Services, Dunbar Packaging now offer cremation films, coffin liners and associated products.

They are available from stock at very competitive prices for delivery throughout the UK.

The four main lines include a hygenic and cost effective envelope bag serving both as removal bag and coffin liner. Satin/silk textured embossed cremation film is a new, exciting and highly practical alternative to the 'plasticy' currently used 'crem-films'.

Crem-film 70 micron - 48ins wide x 200m / Roll

Crem-film 100 micron - 48ins wide x 200m / Roll

Crem-film embossed 'silk' finish - 48ins wide x 150m / Roll

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Contact DUNBAR drectly on:

+44 (0)161 765 3477

  New !
Crem-film removal bag/coffin liner
100 micron - 80 bags per roll.
Prevents leakage and soiled suits/sleeves etc.
Liquids contained within the bag.